Kaishan expands range of KRSD direct drive compressors

  Kaishan Compressor USA has recently expanded its KRSD series of direct drive rotary screw air compressors.The product range now extends from 15-200HP in the product portfolio.The latest editions include 15,20,and 40HP models that enable Kaishan to offer products in this size range to a wide array of customers and applications.All models in the series are offered in both fixed speed and variable speed drive configurations throughout the lineup.
Kaishan expands range of KRSD direct drive compressors
  Fixed speed models have convenient pressure flexibility ranging from 100 to 125 psig full load operation.A pressure variation is accomplished by a simple change in the microprocessor controller,and an adjustment of a proportional valve,to raise or lower the operating compressor to the desired level.This makes the KRSD product an excellent candidate for distributor inventory by reducing the number of machines needed in stock.Variable speed drive versions can operate at pressures ranging from 100 to 150 psig full load by changing the speed of the compressor.Soon,the 15-30HP segment will have the option to be tank mounted as well.
  All models come with a standard factory warranty of 10 years on the airend and 5 years on all major components(drive motor,cooler,reservoir,controller,vsd drive).Extended warranty compliance is simple and only requires the use of genuine Kaishan parts and fluid along with taking fluid samples at regular intervals.No contracts or annual kit purchases are required for coverage.The product is supported with a full inventory of replacement parts and service 24 hours a day from the Kaishan USA headquarters in Loxley,AL.
  The KRSD product is just a portion of the wide breadth of products offered by Kaishan USA.Other rotary screw product lines include the KRSB 5–50HP belt driven product,KRSP 40–500HP direct drive single stage,and the KRSP2 100-600HP two stage energy efficient series.
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