Limitations to production in Antwerp, Belgium

  Stockholm, Sweden, March 20, 2020: Due to new regulations from the Belgian government Atlas Copco's production in Antwerp, Belgium is affected. A large part of the final assembly is temporarily stopped, while the compressor element production and the distribution center continue to operate. In total 900 out of 1400 employees will be temporarily unemployed from March 23 until April 2.
  Airpower in Belgium is Atlas Copco's largest production site and manufactures mostly industrial and portable compressors. 
  At least 50% of the workforce in the distribution center and the compressor element production will continue to work to guarantee continuity for spare parts and compressors for hospitals and other crucial sectors such as water treatment plants, the pharmaceutical industry, and the food industry.
  Since the Belgian government announced new requirements for companies March 17, Atlas Copco has implemented a number of measures, focusing on hygiene and safety, among them a new way of working that ensures social distancing. However, in dialogue with the Unions Atlas Copco has decided to temporarily limit production.
  These limitations will be effective from Monday, March 23 and last until April 2.
  Atlas Copco is closely monitoring the effects of the Corona virus, both short term and long term. At the moment all other major production sites are in operation.
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